We are Steve and Julia, two Asian American 20-somethings trying to travel the world and find out more about ourselves in the process. Steve is currently a pharmacy student in his 3rd year of school while Julia is a dietetic intern. Being students, travel hadn’t really crossed our minds… until everything changed in the summer of 2016.

We had the opportunity to visit Steve’s family in Belgium to attend his grandfather’s birthday party, and we ended up also spending a month gallivanting around Europe. A few months before that, Steve discovered travel hacking which has made our travels incredibly affordable and comfortable. Add wanderlust and an affordable means to travel, and you’ll have a recipe for travel addiction.

Being students, high-cost/luxury travel is not our main goal but through travel-hacking we have both had some of the most luxurious experiences we’ve ever had. We want to open our blog to those of you who are students as well or those who think travel is out of their reach. You don’t have to save for years to travel around the world and when you do, you don’t have to stay in shoddy accommodations and starve in order to stick to your budget. We will show you some tips on how to save money when you travel and also share some of our (hopefully) expanding travel experiences.

We would like to note, though, that we are not digital nomads. We are currently furthering our education, trying to find good careers, and hoping to live the American dream. Therefore, this will not be the place for those who are looking to travel long-term for months at a time. We will focus on trips and journeys that will last one month or less. Although we won’t be staying in places as long as other bloggers, that doesn’t mean we won’t be continually searching for authentic experiences in our limited time at each destination.

Please join us on our adventure to see the world while saving as much money as we can!