How It All Started

I was blessed with an awesome childhood that allowed me to travel to different parts of the world. Of course when you’re 8-12 years old, all you really want to do is sit at home and play video games. As I grew up, school and the future took my mind away from traveling as I was just trying to make it out alive. In addition, I literally had no funds to travel on my own. Vacations consisted of freeloading off my parents on flights to visit family in California who then helped pay for road trips, camping, and Disneyland. As fun as it was being able to do this, I really wanted to travel the world on my own with only my girlfriend by my side WITHOUT having to ask others for help.

Then came 2016. My mom told me we were going to Europe. I saved up all my money, lived off a strict budget, and made sure that I was going to be able to explore on my own. At the time I also noticed how thin my credit history was, so I started to apply for a few credit cards. First, the Chase IHG card which came with an 80,000 point bonus at the time. Then came the Amex Hilton which came with a 75,000 point bonus. These points, combined with cheap Ryanair/Easyjet flights gave me the chance to see Europe without having to worry too much about accommodations, money, or safety. Other little things like finding the right backpack, looking up public transit ahead of time, and scouring reddit for fun activities really made my experience an unforgettable one. However, I have no intention to stop now. This experience just catalyzed my desire to see the world, learn about different cultures, and grow as a person.

Thank you for reading my blog! I hope that my fortunes (and misfortunes…) as a frugal traveler will speak to others, and I hope that I can learn as much from other people’s journeys as they can from mine.


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